About Us

RCity, like the concept of coworking itself, was formed out of necessity. It is a coworking space based in Downtown Brantford, the first of its kind in the city. Individuals (such as freelancers and consultants) and small businesses need a space to work from, but they don’t need a very expensive dedicated office space to work from. Coworking offers a logical alternative to them, providing them with spaces for a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional office. And is it possible for all this to be this affordable because it’s a shared environment with shared resources, with all the costs associated with having an office space being borne by multiple professionals.

Having been around since the mid- to late 90s, coworking is hardly a new concept. Despite its somewhat lengthy existence, however, it is anything but typical. Compared to the cubicle-clad offices that we’re used to, coworking spaces are a completely different animal. It is a place where different kinds of professionals can work, grow, learn and collaborate, a place that is inviting, inspiring, collaborative, social, comfortable and open.

There’s the key word. “Open”. Without barriers, there is space to collaborate with, work alongside and learn from other likeminded professionals, all while being able to grow your businesses and still remain independent. In other words, independent, but not alone. The possibilities are truly limitless.

reciprocityReciprocity: Our Membership Philosophy

We dream big; together, we can dream even bigger. And to help make dreams a reality, we invest in each other by sharing our workspace, connections and ideas, harnessing the power of collaboration.

We make it part of our mission to make a big deal out of you. Whether it’s highlighting your business on our Members’ Wall or showcasing what you do on our social channels, we’re proud of our business community and won’t hesitate to show it.

We take care of our own. We respect everyone. We believe there is a place for everybody under the sun. We believe everyone is unique and special, and through the power of technology and social infrastructure we build others up to help everyone achieve their potential.

We embrace change. In fact, we want to drive it. And we welcome all who wish to do the same.