This is RCity.

RCity is both an awesome working location and an inspiring idea. Short for ‘our city’ and ‘reciprocity’, RCity is Brantford’s first-ever coworking space, designed to build a business community that capitalizes on each member’s strengths, relationships and resources.

RCity members not only get the benefit of much lower costs than a traditional office space, but because the space is shared, they have a place of connection. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, consultants, non-profits and employees are able to interact, network and have the potential to work together on any given day. This leads to new ideas, more business and greater opportunities.

This is the future of offices.

Plans + Pricing

Experience RCity in a way that best fits you.

Day Pass

Try coworking without the commitments. Use the Wi-Fi, take a seat, network while you work. Give it a try. We’re sure you’ll be back.



Flexibility at its finest. Grab a desk or sofa and come and go as you please. Loitering is encouraged.


Dedicated Desk

Includes a hotdesk to call your own and a locked file cabinet at your station. It’s an office outside the box.


Private Office

Choose a space that fits your budget and team. The space comes with a desk and chair. Instant credibility at a fraction of the cost.

Starting at


Split the cost and save. Get a Group Office!

At RCity, you can share the cost of an office between multiple groups or individuals.
Enjoy Private Office amenities at Hotdesking prices.

Function Rooms

RCity offers various rooms for various occasions, from meetings, to events, video shoots and more. Members receive a 20% discount off rates below.


An enclosed studio with a green screen and controlled lighting for shooting photos and videos. Bring a camera and the action.



(maximum of $300/session)

Fort Knox

A private discussion room for your colleagues and your ideas. After all, ideas are gold.

Discussions for 3-5


Town Hall

A private boardroom with a view of the city to discuss your ideas with your colleagues.

Meetings for 8-10


Inner Square

An open event space at the heart of the main space. Ideal for discussions, talks and seminars.

Events for up to 50


*Events can be booked outside of regular business hours, but they can only be booked on weekends (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM) and evenings (4:00 PM to 10:00 PM) during weekdays. A minimum of three (3) days notice is required. Event bookers are free to arrange their own catering. No alcohol is permitted within RCity premises. Contact us for more information.

Videos for Businesses

Every business needs a website. Every website needs a video. RCity makes it easy and affordable for you.

Here is a glimpse at what we can do:


“My business is who I am.”

You and your business are in the spotlight, with a quick overview of what your business is all about and what makes it unique.

1-2 minutes



“Look, our products sell themselves.”

A synopsis of you, your business, what you have to offer and more.

2-3 minutes



“We are the best. Period.”

Featuring everything people need to know about you, your business and what sets you apart from everyone else.

3-5 minutes


Space Amenities

RCity was designed to get work done. But we offer much more than just the usual office elements.

Online Scheduling

Use our website to easily book your meeting space from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Secure File Storage

Keep your files on-site and totally secure in our file room starting at only $20/month.

Mail & Parcel Service

Have a dedicated business address, send and receive mail on-site, look more professional – at no additional charge.

Wi-Fi & Tech Support

Fast Wi-Fi is included on any plan – even Day Passes. On-site tech support is also available as needed (additional fees may apply).

Printing & Supplies

Do all your printing at RCity for only 10¢/page on inkjet and 50¢/page for high-quality laser – and stock up on office supplies at discount rates.

Kitchen Facilities

Fridge, microwave and toaster oven access come as standard for all members.

Member Services

RCity offers more than just office space. Also on offer are services that help our members be the best they can be.


At RCity, we want to be one of your biggest fans. Every full-time RCity member can have their business or non-profit promoted on the Members’ Wall and our printed materials. We also make a big deal out of you through all RCity online and social channels.

It’s part of the Reciprocity that’s at the heart of RCity.

Networking & Collaboration

The fact is networking can take up a lot of your time. At RCity, you can save time by networking while you work. RCity actively promotes collaboration through events and activities that build a positive and sharing work environment.

Participation is totally optional, but it’s what we’re all about and are committed to fostering.

**Cobranding is not available for Day Pass users.


Membership starts at $100/month, which includes everything you need to operate an office for your business or practice. Register now with no obligation or commitment.

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